Construction Labor
Including subcontractors. Multiply wages by estimated hours for each worker.
Remember payroll taxes and worker's comp insurance if you do the hiring.

Contractor Fees
Fees charged by contractors and subcontactors, such as electricians. $

Construction Materials
Lumber, nails, paint, wallpaper, insulation, flooring, tiles,
plumbing, fixtures, cabinets, countertops, heating & ventilation.

Tools & Equipment
All tools purchased and rented for the project, from hammers to post-hole
diggers. Also includes safety equipment such as googles, hard hats, ear mufflers, etc.

Permit Fees
Contact the city planning department. Contractors may handle this for you. $

Decorative Add-ons
Window treatments, light fixtures, cabinets hardware, etc. $

Repairs Due to Remodeling
Repairs needed resulting from the remodeling, such as patching the wall
after plumbing vents are moved or replanting lawn where equipment had been kept.

Trash bin rental, hauling fees, dumping fees, removal service. $